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Sarah & Andy // Engaged // Fullerton Arboretum, CA

Here is an engagement session with Sarah and Andy at the Fullerton Arboretum. I had a blast shooting with them!

As we made our way through and around the Arboretum we had some great laughs as we occasionally stopped to take a photo. There is something amazing about observing and learning the relationship of every couple we shoot with. Objectively, many couples appear similar relative to their expression of romance (i.e. kissing, hugging, cuddly, etc.). However, once you spend more time with them you begin to see their unique personalities as individuals and as a couple (and its a lovely thing to see). We’ve met some couples that have identical personalities in every way and other couples who are polar opposites of each other! The point being that every couple is different once you get to know them. Sarah and Andy are definitely a pair of wonderful people and I am happy to have met them and have shared some laughs.

It was great to meet you, Sarah and Andy! You guys are awesome and I wish you both the very best!


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